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NSFW digital artist and animator. Making good use of my degrees. I don't do requests.


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JamesDrawsLewdThings's News

Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - April 2nd, 2019


That's right. I finally decided to buckle down and create a Patreon. I would be eternally grateful if you were to join. If you can't, then share it with your friends! I appreciate your time regardless.


Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - December 14th, 2017

Hello everyone!


As of yesterday, I am now officially done with college. I completed all the necessary classes. No more worries about financial aid. No more tuition or programs or books to buy. It's over, and I am so happy. Granted, I'll still have my day job to worry about, but that helps pay the bills so "eh". Still, that now that means I can get back to doing what I do best. That also means commissions are going to be coming back on.


Commission Info.

-Obviously, adhere to Newgrounds' set standards.
-Understand that I do COMMISSIONS, not REQUESTS.
-When asking for a NSFW commission, there are certain things that I personally will not draw. Namely really extreme shit (scat, guro, extreme rape, heavy bondage/BDSM, etc.). Give me details and then we'll see if we can work with it. Otherwise, respect the fact that I personally do not want to make certain things.
-You will pay me once you are satisfied with the sketch layout of your commission. I will not continue further with the commission until I have been paid. Keep in touch with me as I go along to make sure it is what you want.
-If I start on a commission, and I am near to completion with it, DO NOT ask me to scrap it and make something entirely different, expecting it to be done for free. If you want a different one, you are paying for that too.


Single Character Sketch-$25.00
Character Sketch with Background-$35.00
Inked Full-Body Character-$40.00
Inked Character with Background-$50.00
Flat Colored Character-$60.00
Shaded Character-$65
Flat Colored Character with Background-$70.00
Shaded Colored Character with Background-$80.00
*additional characters in a drawing are $5.00.
All payments will be made to my Paypal.


I am ready to get back into the swing of things.


Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - May 27th, 2017

Good day, all.

It's getting close to summer, which means I have some time off for myself. This extra time is going to be spent uploading a lot more frequently and streaming a lot more frequently up until around mid August when I begin my final semester. I'll try my best to post Picarto stream updates on here, but the best way for you to keep track of that is by either following me on Twitter when I throw out a post or by following me on Picarto so that you can recieve an e-mail notification. It's gonna be quite busy for me, and that's how I want it to be.

Do take care,


Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - May 27th, 2017


Come join me for a little while.


Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - March 31st, 2017


Come on down if you have the chance.

Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - January 3rd, 2017

Holy crap. An actual post here again. That's rare.

Anyway, 2016 was shit. Everyone knows it, so I won't waste time further grinding the ashes of that dead horse. Somehow, I feel 2017 isn't going to be any better (it's already got a pretty shitty start for me so that's a good sign), but I'm going to plow through it the best that I can.

I have a couple of basic goals for the year. Priority number one will be to seriously focus on animation again. School will (hopefully) be coming to an end for me by the end of the year, which means I will have an animation project to work on as my final. Pretty much throughout the year I will be focusing on getting started on that, getting a head start and really making something great from it. I am an animation major and I have rarely tapped into it. That's gotta change.

Second is the overall quality of my work. I'm continuously striving to make my work look better. Not just in terms of overall technical skill, but also in style. I'm still trying to test out new art styles, new ways of coloring and shading. Some pretty good stuff, some not so good stuff. Regardless, I just need to keep at it until I find something that sticks.

And that's the basic gist of what I want to do. Here's hoping I can get these accomplished (and actually surviving this year would be a miracle in of itself). Now since school whill be starting back up again soon I may be limiting my stream time. I'll still try to stream every chance I get.

Hope everyone gets through this year okay.


P.S. I'm especially surprised that I have close to 200 followers here on Newgrounds. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view my work.

Posted by JamesDrawsLewdThings - November 11th, 2016

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